Art in public space.

dated 2006 until 2015 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Six Centuries City of Nijkerk




Sculpture - Madridlaan


Sculpture - Hoofdstedenbuurt


Sculpture - Vlaardingen


The Animal Tree


The Animal Tree on ‘The Hogenhof’ in Nijkerk was commissioned by the municipality of Nijkerk. It is made in a dead Chestnut Tree. Because of the new residential area and a children’s playground, the municipality thought it was a good idea to do something with art in the public space. The question therefore arises to make something realistic so that the children could see what was being made in there playground. The question I asked the children was what they would like to see …….. ANIMALS! Okay, …. but what kind of animals would you guys want to see? A MONKEY, A KOALA, A GIRAFFE, AN EAGLE AND A SNAKE! For the complete story, please visit my BLOG

Marble monument


Commission The 15th of Decembre is this marble sculpture unveiled For further details and information you can go to the blog of Jan-Carel Koster

Diabas sculpture - Nijkerk


'The Time'


Land Art Project "The Time" is made on commission of the "Foundation Art in Putten". To watch the design click here. For the intervieuw during the placement click here   Name of the sponsors: Foundation Art in Putten  -  Landal Greenpark  -  Meker Garden  -  Inote  -  Elja uitvaartverzorging  

Spirit of Wood


made on commission of "Utrechts Landschap". Location: Estate of Stoutenburg (Near Amersfoort).

Reïncarnation of the Mermaid


Made on commission of Staatsbosbeheer (Forest management) Location: This sculpture is placed in the dunes of Noordwijk aan Zee nearby Dale Piet Floris. Staatsbosbeheer, foundation Art in Dune and the city of Noordwijk has constructed a path, the so called "Art in Dune path".

Choosing the right way


Made on commission of the Foundation Youth Village "De Glind"and the city of Barneveld. Location: The Youth Village 'De Glind" - City of Barneveld.



Made on commission of VHU Europe. Location: "Media Park" Hilversum.